Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time for bellydance!

This semester I'm signed up for some graphic design classes, watercolor, and bellydancing!

I'm actually excited about all of my classes. I'm hoping to make at least a few nice watercolors in watercolor class. I'll post pics as soon as that happens.

Last night I was up late sewing the elastic on my finger cymbals for belly dancing. They need to fit snug, so they don't come already sewn. I only got finished with 1 out of the 4. But hey, this, and the button that popped off of my new favorite shorts has inspired me to learn some basic sewing.

I'm pretty excited about a lot of things I'm trying to learn right now. I almost wish I could pick one thing to focus on and learn that well until I move on to the next, but there are so many cool things worth learning.