Friday, April 25, 2008

Mail Box and Portrait

My professor was kind enough to email this picture to me of a mailbox I did for my 3d design class. The whole thing is made of card stock, and my intentions were to make it out of only 2 sheets and then some extras for the little bits on the bottom left. A few miss calculations in my blueprints put a damper on that though. The top right is intended for regular mail, the bottom right is for packages, and the left is for junk mail! Recycle that junk!

I also participated in a portrait swap, hosted by the portrait party!
I love the idea of swapping portaits with strangers. It's better than feeling awkward about the possibility of drawing an unflattering picture of someone you know while you make them hold still for you. =PI swapped with Arindam here. I hope I can get in the habit of portrait drawing with the people who frequent the portrait party. It's fun and good practice.
His portait of me is here.

In other news, my brother moved out. He's actually in the same apartment complex but right across the way. This means I get his room! I'm so excited about having my own room. It's been ages. I've moved most of my stuff in already, but I need to invest in some roomwares, and then decorate!
I've got some plans for homemade decorations and I'm totally stoked (did I just say stoked? I MUST be excited).
I'll just have to start pinching those pennies even harder for the rent now though. It's all good.

Friday, April 4, 2008


*for those who might be confused, that bird/man/monster's name is stress, and he is gripping the head of that little girl, making her lethargic, and poking at her with his tiny finger.*

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Oops (from the sketchbook)

I accidentally drew a little person.

(click for larger view)
A couple of weeks ago I went to a free drawing session (instructor included!) at the Getty Center. The focus of the night was shape, so this sketch was built up from simple shapes observed from the original painting, and detail was added. This is something I struggle with. I was surprised because I usually make the heads too small but in this case I made the head too big!
I'm still pretty happy with it. There is another session this Friday (yeah, they hold them Friday evenings. Why??? I have NO idea.) but I'll be with my friends celebrating one of their birthdays.


(click for larger view)
This one is from the same night. Again, the emphasis was shape but my proportions are all wrong. I was sitting directly in front of and practically underneath this painting when I sketched it, so it came out squashed. The original painting is actually vertically rectangular and I made it square. Oh wells. I was told that my sketching is 'bouncy' so again, I'm still happy.


So now that you've seen my magnanimous renditions, here are the real things:
Portrait of a Man with a Sheet of Music
Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptist