Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Oops (from the sketchbook)

I accidentally drew a little person.

(click for larger view)
A couple of weeks ago I went to a free drawing session (instructor included!) at the Getty Center. The focus of the night was shape, so this sketch was built up from simple shapes observed from the original painting, and detail was added. This is something I struggle with. I was surprised because I usually make the heads too small but in this case I made the head too big!
I'm still pretty happy with it. There is another session this Friday (yeah, they hold them Friday evenings. Why??? I have NO idea.) but I'll be with my friends celebrating one of their birthdays.


(click for larger view)
This one is from the same night. Again, the emphasis was shape but my proportions are all wrong. I was sitting directly in front of and practically underneath this painting when I sketched it, so it came out squashed. The original painting is actually vertically rectangular and I made it square. Oh wells. I was told that my sketching is 'bouncy' so again, I'm still happy.


So now that you've seen my magnanimous renditions, here are the real things:
Portrait of a Man with a Sheet of Music
Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptist


arindamart said...

i love your works. its different. i basically like to draw portraits.
want to join portparty?
mail your photo to
soon, i will mail you mine.

Marie-Dom said...

Great drawings and good ideas for getting the shapes.
Also saw you on Portrait party, should you be interested, I am up for a go.