Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yes, we had an earthquake in the Los Angeles area. It was a little freaky, but mostly I felt bad for my coworkers. This was the biggest one most of them had ever felt and they were a little frazzled afterwards.

I feel guilty for neglecting this blog so badly, since I want to post my artwork as much as possible. I feel like I haven't been home in ages though. I've been working overtime, the weekend before last I took a quick trip to Santa Cruz, and last weekend I took the amtrack to Comicon!

Comicon is a special place. There were so many cool things and people to see, and lots of interesting panels, but too many people! Just surviving the crowds seemed like a Herculean task, so taking pictures and rushing to panels was secondary to not getting trampled on. =Þ
Pretty fun stuff though.
I'm taking a break at work at the moment, but if I ever do make it home for anything aside from sleep, I promise to post pics of some of the schwag I got my hands on.


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