Sunday, August 3, 2008

Comicon Shwag

I didn't get the chance I wanted to peruse the toys at comicon like I thought I would. I was hoping to come home with some new cute little mascots for my cubicle. Instead I was mostly looking at the artists booths or, when with my brother, searching for anime and manga figures.
Here are some of the things I did come home with though:
Awesome Frank and Frank book by Chris Appelhans. It's ridiculously long. I got him to sign it and managed to creep him out. I was excited to see him in person.

Cool, free doodles. Lovely reading material. Some signed, some not, all sooooo good. Several of the authors of the Cake book were at their booth and they were all super friendly. They all signed and doodled and were generally beyond cool.

If I go to comicon ever again I plan on going Friday, in hopes of less crowds.

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