Monday, August 11, 2008

3-D Design

Last semester I made lots o' neat stuff in my 3-D design class. Here are a couple of sculptures:
This one was an excercise in portraying verticality or horizontality. Guess which one I picked?

I honestly don't remember what the focus was on this in terms of design, but it took me forever and a day and I didn't even finish it. Carving out plaster may not be my favorite form of sculpture. =P

This is actually a chair design. I decided to make 6 seats. I thought it would be nice for a large waiting room; someone in class suggested a bus stop.
I've hung it on me wall.
I attempted to make it out of 1 piece of paper. The whole top is 1 piece, but I think to make up the bottom, I used about 9 more smaller pieces. Next time I'll know what to do better.

In other news, I spent the weekend in the Bay area. We stayed in San Jose, but went up to San Francisco and down to Santa Cruz. It was entailed a lot of driving but it was really nice. We went to the Legion of Honor in San Francisco and saw some of Dale Chihuly's stuff. Pretty fun. But how did they transport it???

And then, of course, the Legion of Honor has a huge collection of Rodin.

I'm super happy I went, though we missed the Women Impressionists exhibit. We were actually meeting up and catching up with old friends, and thought we could squeeze in some museum time in there. There might be a chance we're going up there again, and catching the Women Impressionists exhibit is a possibility. I'm excited.

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